Newton Law Group

Newton Law Group to Speak about Doing Business in Iraq at the International Legal Construction Contracts Conference in Ancona and Forli

  • 10 Oct 2012

  • Erbil
  • Newton Law Group, in association with the Italian law firm Bacciardi and Partners is organizing as part of its on-going series of annual International Business Player conferences, a conference to take placethis coming November 2012 on Thursday, 29 November in Ancona and on Friday, 30 November in Forlì.


  • It will be held in association with Confindustria Ancona( and UnindustriaForlì/Cesena ( is the association of Italian entrepreneurs.

    Guest speakers at the event will include specialized lawyers from a range of important nations including Kazakhstan, Russia, Brazil, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and some other Middle Eastern countries.

    The morning session of each full day conference will take the form of a comparative seminar which will look in depth, with reference to the various international jurisdictions represented, at legal, contractual, tax and customs issues connected with negotiating international tender proposals, obtaining their assignment, and handling the execution of the tender by properly planning the business model that each foreign company will have to implement within the jurisdiction in which the construction work needs to be executed.

    The afternoon session will, for the large part, be interactive, with members of the audience having ample opportunity to put questions to the international panel of international lawyers and tender experts who will need to be prepared on the event’s key topics and demonstrate familiarity with tender contracts in their own jurisdictions.The guest speakers will bring along marketing materials, which will be distributed and made available to the attendees, and to network and liaise with all the representatives of the businesses in attendance.