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About Newton Law Group

We engage regularly in advising clients on local laws and in the formation of public policies, speaking and writing in the field and serving clients on both high-stakes and less significant controversies. We value our relationship and we forge success through devotion to practice.


    Since our focus is our clients, we can best serve them by being present wherever they are and by understanding the local culture and environment. By virtue of our cutting-edge structure, our group is positioned to provide notably high levels of advisory services and competency. In emerging and established markets, we deploy our knowledge of applicable laws, business practices, and cultures to advise and represent our clients on their cross-border business matters. In addition, there are no borders for the services we provide. Our offices, networks of operations, partners, affiliates and financial contacts have proved to be a major key factor in the success of our clients’ businesses.


    Our firm has in-depth experience, not simply in terms of legal and business expertise but in the technical knowledge and experience required to find the commercial route to a client’s objectives. We act for a wide range of clients, from major corporations to small family businesses. They are in areas as diverse as banking and insurance, property development and investments, travel and leisure, tourism, civil airlines, manufacturing and the professions. In the public sector, we counsel governments on privatization of whole industries and on establishment of regulatory systems under which new private businesses can compete. In addition, by offering a wide range of services and area expertise tailored to meet individual client needs and to recognize and capitalize on emerging business opportunities, we engage in every stage of strategic planning, raising capital, risk management, market development, ongoing operations, and asset sales.


    We maintain our tradition of seeking excellence and an uncompromising commitment to quality in a comprehensive and modern practice. As such, we are responsive, thoughtful, ethical and vigorous with a substantive understanding of our clients' business needs and the many marketplaces in which they compete.  Newton Law Group places the highest value on collaboration and interdisciplinary cooperation in order to provide clients with seamless representation across practice areas and across continents.

Our Principles

We have identified values that help unite, differentiate, and prioritize our strategic action. These values are embedded in the following principles which have become our company’s DNA.


Exceeding expectations

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations.


Local excellence, global standards

We commit to the global standards of business and law while providing local excellence of services secured by our in-depth local knowledge of the culture and environment.



We value the diversity of the people and cultures within our firm and we believe that we cannot excel without a diverse cultural and multi-disciplinary approach. In sum, diversity brings strength.




We are ambitious for our clients and ourselves, but we understand the importance of making a positive impact on the community at large. We are adept at challenging existing thinking and pushing boundaries in the interest of the community.

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