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Business immigration

We advise on all matters of corporate immigration, relocation services, and reorganization of companies

Through our global network of partners, our firm offers a wide range of strategic global immigration services and advice to meet the timely needs of domestic and multinational clients

We have a proven track record of efficiently and effectively coordinating and facilitating global immigration for executives, workers, investors, entrepreneurs and their accompanying family members.


Our main services in the field include:

  • Coordinating work permit and permanent residence applications for incoming or transferring personnel
  • Managing business traveler programs, business visitor visas and the Visa Waiver Program
  • Working with your company during a divestiture, reorganization, merger or acquisition to address immigration-related issues
  • Relocation services


Our team of lawyers will also guide you through local immigration application rules and processes, in addition to keeping you updated on the latest developments in immigration programs and policies that may affect your business.


Our business immigration services also include investors’ citizenship program that has been launched by many countries such as the US, Portugal and Dominica. We have a served and assisted a wide variety of individuals coming from different backgrounds and nationalities and have successfully helped them through their investment and the issue of their passports.

We offer to advice on all matters regarding corporate immigration, relocation services, and reorganization of companies

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