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Diversity is a competitive advantage.

Diversity is a competitive advantage.


The strength and success of our law firm requires the inclusion of people with different insights and experiences, which results in more creative and innovative solutions.


Different perspectives make us more effective, so we put diversity at our core.

Our firm is committed to creating a work environment that values each individual’s contributions to our community. We recognize that we must work together every day to respect the different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of people at the firm and to support our colleagues so they have the ability to develop to their full potential.

As such, our firm strives to recruit and develop the finest talent from all backgrounds and beliefs. Our ability to respond to the needs of our clients in an increasingly open and complex environment requires that the members of our community have a broad range of talents.


Our law firm diversity initiatives focus our efforts in the key areas of:

  • hiring, recruiting, and retaining the most talented and diverse legal staff;
  • promoting diversity on the basis of merit and performance;
  • providing a broad array of professional development opportunities; and
  • maintaining leadership throughout our diversity endeavors.